Vestasia senior management publish book “Going Public on Euronext”

Hong Kong   April 8, 2009


Vestasia Limited announces today that a book written by two of its senior managers, Tingting Wu, president, and Rolland Long, managing director, titled “Going Public on Euronext – Requirements, Procedures and Case Studies,” is published by a leading press, China Economics Press in Beijing.

Drawing from the experiences of its authors, this book provides insights, guidance and step-by-step know-how for Chinese enterprises to list on one of European capital markets, NYSE Euronext.

“In recent years, more and more companies in China are seeking listing and financing in international capital markets, and more international exchanges have come to China to promote themselves and attract listing candidates,” said Tingting Wu, one of the authors, “there have been similar books on the USA and UK markets, but none on the European market. We hope our book can provide help to Chinese companies wishing to go public in Europe, and at the same time help promote European financial market in general and NYSE Euronext in particular among Chinese enterprises.”


About Vestasia Limited

Vestasia Limited is an independent financial advisory firm that provides a broad range of services to Chinese clients in relation to mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, corporate finance and strategic matters centered around listing and financing. Through its extensive network throughout China, the Company focuses on providing high-quality advice to and forming partnerships with, senior executive management and boards of directors of small and medium companies in transactions that typically are of the highest strategic and financial importance to those companies.

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